Terms and Conditions of Hire

Terms and Conditions of Hire - China and Co (Props Hire) Limited (Company Registration Number 06536029) of Unit 32, Acton Park Estate, The Vale, London W3 7QE.

Parties - The "Hirer" is China and Co (Props Hire) Limited, Unit 32, Acton Park Estate, The Vale, Acton, London W3 7QE. The "Hiree" is the business or person named on the hire agreement or it's authorised agent.

Hire and Hire Charges - 'Props' and associated equipment.

  • 1st weeks hire charged at 100% of hire value;
  • 2nd weeks hire at 75% of hire value;
  • weeks after at 50% of initial hire value.

Payment Terms

  • Payment is required at the time of hire, with the exception account customers.
  • Account customers payment terms are 30 days from the date of invoicing.
  • Any sums that are not paid to the 'Hirer' when due shall bear interest at 4% above the Bank of England’s base rate until paid in full.

Collection and Delivery

  • The 'Hirer' shall use reasonable endeavours to ensure that 'Props' and or equipment are packed and ready for despatch on the despatch date but shall not be liable for any failure to do so, nor shall any delay entitle the 'Hiree' to terminate or rescind the contract.
  • Transport can be arranged for the collection and delivery of the 'Props' and or equipment, if requested. The 'Hiree' shall be liable for all charges for transport services provided by the nominated transport company. The 'Hirer' shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss (all three of which terms include, without limitation, pure economic loss, loss of profits, loss of business, depletion of goodwill and similar loss), costs, damages, charges or expenses caused directly or indirectly, including any delay in the collection or delivery of the 'Props' and or equipment by the nominated transport company, nor shall any delay entitle the 'Hiree' to terminate or rescind the contract.
  • It is the responsibility of the 'Hiree' to ensure any sub-contracted transport has adequate insurance cover. The appropriate blankets and ties should be used in enclosed vehicles for transportation. The 'Hirer' reserves the right to refuse collection if the appropriate protection is not available.
  • In the event that any 'Props' and or equipment are unavailable for collection on the agreed date or are not returned by the 'Hiree' at the end of the rental term, the 'Hiree' shall be required to pay the relevant rental fees for the missing 'Props' and or equipment up to and including the day that they are returned to the 'Hirer'.  If the 'Props' and or equipment are not available for collection or return due to loss or destruction the 'Hiree' shall be required to pay the cost of replacement in accordance with the 'Hirers' then current risk value of the 'Props' and or equipment hired.

Use of 'Props'

  • All breakages and loses are at the liability of the 'Hiree' and all hired 'Props' and or equipment remain the property of the 'Hirer'.
  • The 'Hiree' acknowledges that it is its obligation to inspect the 'Props' and or equipment prior to dispatch and that the 'Props' and or equipment are taken in the state they are in.
  • The 'Hiree' is responsible for the security of the 'Props' and or equipment during the hire period.
  • Any 'Props' and or equipment repair including any depreciation and/or replacement costs shall be charged to the 'Hiree' and no refund shall be due.
  • Packing cases and protective covers are loaned free of charge, however, loss, damage or non-returned crates are charged at the replacement cost to the 'Hiree'.
  • It is the responsibility of the 'Hiree' to fully and comprehensively insure the 'Props' and or equipment hired against loss, damage and theft of the 'Props' and or equipment from the time of collection, until the return thereof to the 'Hirers' business premises. The 'Hiree' shall produce a certificate to the 'Hirer' of such insurance on demand.
  • The 'Hiree' shall indemnify the 'Hirer' against all claims, expenses and legal costs in respect of damage, injury or loss arising directly or indirectly from the use or condition of 'Props' and or equipment. No warranty of fitness for purpose is given by the 'Hirer'.
  • The 'Hiree' shall not lend or sub-hire or in any way dispose or part possession of the 'Props' and or equipment' without our prior written consent of the 'Hirer'.
  • The 'Hiree' shall confirm to the 'Hirer' the location of the 'Props' and or equipment on demand.


  • The 'Hiree' shall not make any alteration to the 'Props' and or equipment.
  • The 'Hiree' shall not repair or allow any third party to repair any 'Props' and or equipment and shall notify the 'Hirer' immediately if any repair is necessary.


  • A cancellation fee of 50% of the total hire value will be made to the 'Hiree' for confirmed orders cancelled within 24 hours before dispatch.


  • The 'Hiree' is respectfully reminded of copyright legislation and for them to ensure that any necessary clearances, permissions or releases or other intellectual property rights have been properly obtained before using any 'Props' and or equipment. The 'Hirer' shall not be liable for any complaint or claim for infringement of any copyright or other rights.
  • The 'Hiree' is solely responsible to ensure all licenses, permits, certificates, authorisations, consents and regulatory approvals required, are sort prior to entering any contract with the 'Hirer'.

Joint and several

  • Where the 'Hiree' is more than one person, all parties shall be joint and severally liable for obligations under these conditions of hire.


  • All parties agree that the law of England and Wales shall apply and that they shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English and Welsh Courts.

Data Protection

  • China and Co (Props hire) Limited (the 'Hirer') comply with all applicable requirements of current data protection legislation including the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulation ((EU) 2016/679) (“GDPR”) in force from time to time and any applicable national implementing laws, regulations and secondary legislation, as amended or updated from time to time, in the UK and then any replacement legislation in the UK to the Data Protection Act 1998 and the GDPR.

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